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Whether you need a quick consultation, campaign management, leadership development, a detailed fundraising plan, a comprehensive fundraising department custom-built for your needs and resources, or guidance on where to even start your journey to fundraising success - we are here to help.

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Capital Campaigns

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A successful capital campaign needs precise planning and strategy to reach your goal and reach it on time. Parkka will assess your campaign’s feasibility, develop a strong case, plan all phases of the campaign, guide and support volunteer recruitment, establish essential tracking and reporting systems, identify key prospective donors, and support you from vision to ribbon-cutting.

Training & Coaching

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We want you to succeed now while also building up your fundraising strength for the future. The Parkka team will coach you, your fundraising staff, and your volunteer leaders to maximize your fundraising power

Fundraising Plans

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Fundraising revenue should be something you can rely on year after year to expand your impact. Parkka will develop a customized, strategic fundraising plan and equip you and your team to carry it through to success.  We can increase your revenue and integrate fundraising into everything you do.

Writing & Communications

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We will draw people to your organization, keep them engaged, and help you raise more money through compelling and effective messaging. Let Parkka build a communications plan that ensures your authentic voice is front-and-centre in appeals, donor stewardship, newsletters, case statements, web copy, social media, and all fundraising communications.

Data Management & Systems Integration

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Maximizing your data and integrating your internal systems will allow you to raise more money and make your organization more efficient and effective. Parkka will build up your organizational infrastructure by unlocking the power of your database, streamlining your processes, and coaching your staff.

Capital Campaigns
Training & Coaching
Fundraising Plans
Writing & Communications

Let’s talk. We’re happy to customize a plan that will meet your needs, maximize your resources and ensure your success.

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