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No matter the size of your organization, or your goals, Parkka will deliver customized fundraising solutions to help you raise more money now while building capacity for ongoing success.

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From hands-on fundraising to guidance on crafting a revenue-boosting appeal, to designing and implementing customized annual giving and major-gift programs, Parkka will build success into everything you do. Strong short and long-term plans and strategies are the foundations of effective fundraising. Parkka will conduct program audits and prepare strategic and development plans that focus your organization on growing revenue by integrating fundraising into everything you do.

Capital Campaigns

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A capital campaign needs precise planning, timing, and strategizing to reach the goal, and reach it on time. Parkka will assess your campaign’s feasibility, develop a strong case, plan all phases of the campaign, recruit effective volunteers, identify key prospective donors, and oversee the process from vision to ribbon-cutting.

Writing and Communications

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We will draw people to your cause, keep them engaged over time, and raise more money using proven approaches to attracting and retaining supporters through consistent messaging and compelling stories. Let Parkka build and implement a communications strategy that ensures your authentic voice is front-and-centre in appeals, newsletters, case statements, web copy, social media, and all fundraising communications.

Training and Coaching

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We want you to succeed now while also building up your fundraising strength for the future. The Parkka team will coach you, your fundraising staff, and your volunteer leaders to maximize your organization’s fundraising power.

Data Management, Analytics and Systems Integration

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Managing your data and integrating your internal systems will allow you to raise more money and make your organization more efficient and effective. Parkka will unlock the power of your database, streamline your processes, and build a strong infrastructure to maximize your fundraising.

Government Relations

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Governments can be key partners in fulfilling your mission. Understanding governments’ mandates and developing and maintaining relationships with decision-makers is critical to your success. Parkka can guide you through establishing trust and finding common goals with government.

"People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel."
– Maya Angelou
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